Frisk me for what?

Posted on January 26, 2012


Another young African-American male being searched during a "random" stop-and-frisk


As the NYPD continues to proceed with their stop and frisk practices, the concerns from the media bring up accusations of racial profiling. The departments own reports on the stop-and-frisk activity suggest that more people of color predominantly African-American and Latino-American males are subject to this process, something the people of these communities have long known about. An analysis done by the NYCLU revealed that between the years of 2004-2011 there were more than 4 million innocent law-abiding citizen of these two communities illegally searched. If you do not believe this, the facts are in the NYPD’s reports:

  • In 2004, 315,483 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    279,754 were totally innocent (89 percent)
    156,056 were black (50 percent)
    90,468 were Latino (29 percent)
    29,000 were white (9 percent)
  • In 2005, 399,043 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    351, 842 were totally innocent (88 percent)
    196,977 were black (49 percent)
    115, 395 were Latino (29 percent)
    40,837 were white (10 percent)
  • In 2006, 508,540 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    458,104 were totally innocent (90 percent)
    268,610 were black (53 percent)
    148,364 were Latino (29 percent)
    53,793 were white (11 percent)
  • In 2007, 468,732 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    407,923 were totally innocent (87 percent)
    242,373 were black (52 percent)
    142,903 were Latino (31 percent)
    52,715 were white (11 percent)
  • In 2008, 531,159 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    465,413 were totally innocent (88 percent)
    271,602 were black (51 percent)
    167,111 were Latino (32 percent)
    57,407 were white (11 percent)
  • In 2009, 575,304 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    504,594 were totally innocent (88 percent)
    308,941 were black (54 percent)
    179,576 were Latino (31 percent)
    53,466 were white (9 percent)
  • In 2010, 601,055 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    517,458 were totally innocent (86 percent)
    317,642 were black (53 percent)
    190,491 were Latino (32 percent)
    55,083 were white (9 percent)
  • During the first nine months of 2011, 514,461 New Yorkers were stopped by the police.
    451,469 were totally innocent (88 percent)
    276,664 were black (54 percent)
    157,487 were Latino (31 percent)
    46,934 were white (9 percent)

Many people of these two communities are outragedthat some sort of racism still exist, “Alan Thomas, a

23-year-old African-American student at Parsons School of Design states, “I have been searched three times since moving here to New York back in April of last year, I am starting to believe that being a race of color has brought on suspicion in the New York City area. It is a shame that I have to feel like or question will I be searched again today just for being black.”  This process of stop-and frisk has become so controversial since the media to heed to what was really happening, now it is up to the people to protest and bring stop-and-frisk to a halt.

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