TIME…A Terrible Thing to Waste

Posted on November 3, 2011


Many Brooklyn college students, like most college students, face the issues of time management. Between juggling four to five classes a week, to working part-time jobs, to attempting to maintain a social life, these degree seekers express frustrations when asked: “How do you do it?” Alicia Strange, a third year biology major replies, “I honestly don’t know, taking it one day at a time I guess.” She takes a second to think about the question, “I sort of have a system, you know a weekly routine. However, if something unexpected is thrown into the equation I become a little stressed out.” Like many other students, Alicia’s stress is normal according to Benjamin Ford, a second year finance major. “We all have things we stress about some of us stress about deadlines while others stress about family and being homesick. I personally  stress about working a part-time job and maintaining a 3.0 GPA to help my parents out with tuition cost.” Here at Brooklyn College time is of the essence, students map their weeks out with monthly agendas to guide them through the semester. Planning ahead of time could save hours a week for the stressed out unorganized procrastinating college student, coordinating study groups might increase the intake of information and decrease the output of time. If commuting via public transportation, use this time to catch up on assigned reading.  The saying great things come to those who wait, but at Brooklyn College great things come to those who see no point in wasting time.

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