What do we want? “LOWER TUITION!” When do we want it? NOW!

Posted on October 27, 2011


Many protesters gather together to express their frustrations on tuition hikes

As the economic crisis expands, many young people and working class citizens are starting to feel the pressures of higher tuition cost. Parents who struggle to pay for their children’s education, joined with independent students, who work at least two jobs to support themselves,  nationwide to combat against the burden of  tuition hikes. The frustrations of how expensive education has become has made some individuals refuse to sit back any longer and let these hikes continue. Brent Underwood, a Florida State University Alum commented on the government and their desire to raise tuition every year. “Education. It’s the next bubble to burst. by lending more and more money, the government sustains the bubble, and in the end inflates the price of education across the board. Tuition is matched to what people can pay, and the government loans out more money each year, meaning the price is going to rise each year. If the government really wants to help, they should stop lending out so much cash, bitter pill, as some people couldn’t then go to school. But it would be very short-term. Then the prices would come back down, and it would stop the madness of exponentially higher tuition each year.” As Brent approached the tuition fees from a  neutral stand-point, Leah Mapp, on the other hand expresses frustration with the current situation tuition hikes presents, “I have a concern for students that genuinely want a college education, but can’t afford one. It bothers me that in many instances people will owe more money to the federal government than they will make in their prospective careers.” When asked should education be free? Leah replied, “Education will never be free it cost to run things (lights, payroll, etc).” The movement known as; Occupy Wall Street has  become a daily topic in the media. People from all over the nation have come to participate in this movement against tuition hikes.  Thousands of people march throughout the streets of New York to protest not only tuition hikes but big businesses as well. (click here for more info) 

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