A Downward Spiral in the Hip Hop Community

Posted on September 23, 2011


Displaying another form of misogynistic behavior treating women like products.

In the hip hop community we seem to get lost in the dark with just about everything. The underlying meanings of hip hop verses; the subjective male lens; The misogynistic behavior that epitomizes masculinity; the promotion of promiscuity amongst femininity in the community; as well as the commodification of black culture as a whole. Being a part of such a community I’m exposed to how it operates when we talk about gender roles in society. From a male stand point, I can say that displaying uber masculinity  suggests a “real man.”  In the urban community there are so many topics that are swept underneath the rug and not addressed, this leads to other complications throughout this particular community. I will poll questions to different demographics about what being a black man/woman truly means, from there I will investigate where each demographic is learning how to become those very things they believe. The media continuously says “sex sells” but what exactly is it selling? Is it selling promiscuity among young women in America? Is it selling the mental abuse that a man only wants one type of woman? Or does it sell the insecurities females go through later on in life about body image. Studying visual rhetoric I know that images are placed in certain ways to suggest to an audience how they should read the finishing product. In the black community, there is a sense of not doing what is right but doing what is popular, meaning sometimes individuals know exactly what’s required  of them but because it is the least popular thing to do they do the complete opposite.